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Design & Analysis

Your Partner in Aircraft Modifications and Integrated Avionics Systems

Are you looking to complete aircraft modifications or have a project requiring integrated avionics systems? The team at 3S Engineering and 3S Certification is highly experienced and efficient in providing engineering design and compliance data development, as well as Unit Member (UM) support for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approvals.

The 3S Approach

At 3S, we pride ourselves on our ability to see a project from inception to completion. Every project starts with requirements. Our designers and drafters are knowledgeable and proficient, using state of the art software and development tools. As a team, we constantly seek out new ideas, technologies and processes.

3S Design Capabilities

3S Analysis Capabilities

  • Durability and Damage Tolerance
    • Service Loads and Spectra Generation
    • Sizing of Fracture Critical Primary Structure
    • Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics
  • System Safety Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Hazard Analysis
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Fault Tree
    • System Safety
  • Flight Sciences
    • Mass Properties
    • Weight and Balance
    • Aerodynamics
    • Stability and Control
    • Flight Analysis
  • Aircraft Systems
    • Electrical Load Analysis
    • Environmental Control
  • Structural Analysis
    • Classical Stress Analysis
    • FEM Static Analysis
    • Nastran / Patran
    • Hypersizer / Hyper Mesh
    • Birdstrike
    • Structural Repairs

What to Expect When Working with 3S

  • Kickoff
    • Statement of work
    • Requirements definition (well documented program goals to control the scope)
    • Integrated master schedule
  • Planning

    Executable plans based on achievable timelines, documented in a detailed Integrated Management System (IMS)

  • Execution
    • Regular team coordination to manage resources across programs
    • Consistent standard and quality to meet customer and FAA expectations
  • Deliverables

    Design packages

    • 2D or 3D electronic models
    • Released and controlled drawings
    • Technical articles/documents
    • Instrumental raw data files
    • Test plans
    • Analysis data output
    • Reports
    • Instructions for continued airworthiness
    • Flight manuals
    • Certification documentation
    • Proposal technical content
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Experts in Aircraft Modification and Certification Requirements

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